Our Products

We are offering our products in our farm stand or for curbside pick up. We are also offering local delivery of meat and our other products. We will ship non-perishables (maple syrup, wool, calendars) in the United States. You can order at our online shop.

Maple Syrup – We currently have 2020 Grade A Amber Rich and Grade A Golden Delicate.

  • Gallon $55
  • Half Gallon $35
  • Quart $22
  • Pint $13
  • Half Pint $8

We can also make up custom orders.


Give us a call (802-518-2155) and we can make up a package of meats to your specifications for curbside pick up or local delivery.

Beef We have a wide selection of pasture raised beef cuts available in our farm store. $7.50/lb

Lamb -We have a wide selection of pasture raised lamb cuts. $13.00/lb

Leg of Lamb We have several very nice legs of lamb. We also have some half legs if you are having a small gathering. $16.00/lb

Goat (Chevon) We have a variety of cuts of goat and lots of stew meat. $9.00/lb

Wool Products – We have two ply worsted weight yarn from our own sheep. We also have a few special fleeces available if you like to do you own processing. We sheared in late February and have some lovely fleeces. Call or email for more information.

Check out the online store for other offerings.

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