Morse Brook Farm was established in June of 2019 when we bought the Kurkul Farm off Morse Brook Road in Westminster. We are a work in progress right now but we have made a lot of progress

We have a vision of humane care for livestock who will spend their days grazing on the beautiful pastures. In the days to come we will share more about our animal management practices and our hopes for developing a sustaining model for our farm.

We have a strong commitment to educating people and we hope to host educational events on a variety of farm related topics. We also hope to provide opportunities for the community of people who herd sheep including hosting clinics and herding events.

We are passionate about farming. We are thrilled to be a part of continuing this land’s long history of farming. We look back on the amazing hard work of those before us. We look forward to a future that has many challenging issues even as new sustainable practices provide new opportunities. We have a big agenda as you can see. We will keep you updated along the way. And when life gets too busy on the farm, we are going to try to remember to stop and breathe and take in the spectacular view.

Morse Brook Farm 2019